S:t Paul for White Arkitekter

In our design of the brand identity for the building S:t Paul we used the most conspicuous part of the name, the colon, as the starting point. In the Swedish language, the colon marks an abbreviation (S:t for Saint). Also, a colon often precedes an explanation or a list. By using a colon as a symbol, a clear association to the name is created, as well as a kind of presentation.

“Here lies:” 

Here is where it’s at. 

It is here that you live or work or take a break.

The subdivided building at the intersection of Sankt Paulsgatan and Götgatan was designed by Hack Kampmann and built between 1959 and 1962. The design of the Schönborg Quarter where it is situated is remarkably typical of its time, and Stockholm City Museum has classified it as being of particular cultural value. Diagonally across the road is one of Slussen’s subway entrances. Slussen is one of Stockholm’s most central hubs. As the city’s needs have changed, Slussen has been designed and re-designed, built and rebuilt, inaugurated and re-inaugurated. At the time when the Schönborg Quarter was constructed, Slussen was undergoing its greatest development phase to date. 

We have used the distinguishing characteristics of the aesthetics of the times in our choice of font: SL-grotesk. The font was created especially for Stockholm’s subway system by the artist Stig Åke Möller and started being used at the end of the 1950s. In S:t Paul’s identity, the font is used both for the logo and for information texts linked to the building. The choice of color—black—links back to written language. It also relates to the period details in the interiors: the preserved handles, name plates, doorbell ringers, and marble floors. The black surface relates in an active way to the building and its carefully renovated facades by sticking out yet also being perceived as a well-integrated part of the architecture. In addition to the colon and its meaning, the symbol also encompasses the number two—the two parts of the building, the twos in the two addresses, the two different categories of renters, the two streets. 

S:t Paul’s significant logotype and a list of all the parties is placed in the characteristic corner. Every company name that is presented in the corner is preceded by a colon. Just like the names of the residents are presented uniformly on the information signs in the lobbies, the company names are presented uniformly in the corner. This marks S:t Paul as a unit.

Logo and signage: Sandra Praun & Oscar Guermouche

Commissioned by White Arkitekter for Einar Mattson


The project was completed without our involvement, but uses variations and parts of our design.