Noir by Sandra Praun at Morioka Shoten, Tokyo

Pre-release of Sandra Praun’s book Noir – A Serendipitous Encyclopedia Inspired by 1001 Names for the Color Black at Morioka Shoten in Tokyo, December 10–22, 2019.
The book was presented in a duo exhibition with glass artist Yoko Andersson Yamano. In conjunction to the exhibition an artist talk was held upstairs in the same building.
“Morioka Shoten is a tiny bookstore of ‘a Single Room with a Single Book’ in Tokyo. It sells only one book; more precisely, multiple copies of one title that changes weekly, with a small book-inspired art exhibition on the walls. Its challenging, minimalistic philosophy and well-curated shows attract numerous visitors from all over the world.”




Praun & Guermouche [001]

Language: English

Editing and design: Sandra Praun & Oscar Guermouche

Additional text: Oscar Guermouche


11 cm x 15 cm

1,088 pages

Printed at Rotolito / Nava Press

ISBN 978-91-985244-0-6


Edition: 1,500

Special edition: 101