Jump Back 2017–1968 for Glasakademin

The Swedish glass artists forum Glasakademin wanted us to create an extraordinary presentation of its members, which reflects the recent history of Swedish glass. We combined the idea of the transparency of glass with the notion of history as different layers and applied a reverse chronology—the newest member first and the longest active last. On the left-hand page of each spread a member is presented; the right shows the sum of all earlier members, layer by layer, as if the pages were transparent. In the beginning it is completely black, getting lighter as you page through the book.

The members contributed their own portraits, with varying technical quality. Therefore, we felt compelled to process the images, to find a format that worked for everyone. In addition, the budget was very limited making printing in full color impossible. All of this led us to the idea of the fanzine and its tradition of black-and-white copies in halftone printing. We chose to supplement the material we received with a single text, also a copy—a definition of what glass is—taken from Wikipedia. The cover became very glossy, both as yet another reference to the glass as material, and to lift the otherwise very simple production. The mirrored nature of the front and back also expresses transparency. The title emphasizes the reverse chronology.

Concept and design: Sandra Praun & Oscar Guermouche

Commissioned by Glasakademin

Editing: Nina Westman, Fredrik Nielsen


12 cm x 17 cm

180 pages

ISBN 978-91-639-3641-8