Praun & Guermouche is a platform for book production and publishing, established in June 2020 by graphic designer Sandra Praun and artist Oscar Guermouche. The core of our collaboration is the translation of artistic œuvres, projects, or individual artworks into book form.

We believe that the way books convey art has intrinsic value, and accordingly the books we produce should both reflect and complement the art. This means that we not only design books based on their contents, but that we also shape the contents in accordance with the book. For the works to come into their own, they need to be translated into the materiality, spatiality, and narrativity of the book. It’s a matter of creating a space in which the art can communicate in other ways than in documentation, in an exhibition, or even in the works themselves. In our practice we use the possibilities and limitations of the bound book as our starting point. At the same time, we are always trying to challenge our own ideas about the relationship between the art and the art book.

In addition to book production and publication, our platform also includes a shop, a library, and a showroom. In the showroom we host small exhibitions and talks in connection with our publications. The library consists of books that we have published or been involved in in other ways. Allowing the public to freely borrow books is our commentary on the cultural political situation in Sweden, where more and more libraries are being closed down.

In parallel to our own work, we also take on commissions for concept development and design. Our clients include Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art, Roy Andersson / Studio24, White Architects, Bonniers Konsthall, and Art and Theory Publishing.

Praun & Guermouche
Oscar Guermouche

Praun & Guermouche