You Say Light – I Think Shadow | Products In conjunction to the exhibitions made with the book You Say Light – I Think Shadow we made a series of products based on the title and graphic details taken from the book. Collaboration with visual artist Aleksandra

Andra generationen – en parabel i nio delar A film about being a second generation immigrant in Sweden. Made during the course “Public Art: Project in Tensta” at Konstfack – University of Arts, Crafts and Design, 2005. “I förstudien inför Boutställningen i Tensta 2006 kan man läsa:

Urban Forest | Exhibitions Urban Forest, initiated by glass artist Yoko Yamano, was a group of Swedish designers and crafts people who exhibited together in various constellations under a given theme. Journey (in collaboration with Tokyo Saikai porcelain), Interior Life Style Fair, Tokyo, Japan, 2013 Gift, Svarta lådan,

Flower of Swords A series of prints based on the book A Flower of Swords—The Book of Imagination which was part of my MFA-project Metamorphoses at Konstfack.

The Creative Source Library at Kulturni Centar Grad in Belgrade The main goal of the Creative Source project was to establish a platform for public discussions and a source of qualitative cultural information accessible for young people in Serbia. Cultural events and a physical library function